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About us

New Perspective Dietmar Koch e. K.

After running clubs and restaurants in Cologne in the 90ies Dietmar Koch founded Braintrust Eventmarketing GmbH in 1999. The marketing agency kick started with a nationwide club tour in cooperation with international house labels to promote BMW

Group´s new MINI Cooper model in 2001. After the tour was successfully accomplished the agency started to work for Bitburger Brewery Group from 2002 to 2008 creating the annual Bit Summer Club tour. A lifestyle event with international DJ Line up in clubs throughout Germany. Further more Braintrust Eventmarketing organized the Nissan Qashqai Urban Challenge in Cologne in 2007 and Munich in 2008. Concepts like Mixery Dancefield (Karlsberg Brewery), granini fresh Dj Contest (Eckes-granini), Shockwaves Tour (Wella Styling) had been projects of the agency as well.

With the gained experience Dietmar Koch founded New Perspective in 2009. New Perspective works in sponsoring and financing for leading gastronomy -, event – and festival concepts. Mainly in the metropolises of Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg. Over the years New Perspective built a strong network within the beverage industry. We cooperate with almost all main breweries on the German market. We got all essential contacts for non-alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, fillers, spirits, wine, champagne and tobacco.

Actual projects:

LEGEND Boutique Hotel, Cologne

Markthalle Pfefferberg, Berlin

OX & Klee Restaurant (**Michelin), Cologne

The Bird New York Kitchen, Hamburg

Kantine Kohlmann, Berlin

schönwetter* Mauerpark, Berlin

Les Halles La Piscine, Duesseldorf

Schrotty, Cologne

VooV Experience, between Berlin and Hamburg